Everything you need to know about InstagramFollowersRevealed

Welcome to our about page, on this page we will explain everything you need to know about our company, from when we were founded to how many team members we have, we will also have a small frequently asked questions section to hopefully answer some of your questions.

Remember if you have any questions that are not listed here please contact us using ourĀ contact form

How we was founded

We was founded early 2016 by two owners Kurt and Muhammad, these two people work extremely hard to bring you the service that InstagramFollowers provide today. But I can’t give them all the credit as we have two more fantastic people that keep GFF alive – Sophie and Mark, Sophie being the support engineer and Mark makes sure all the code is running smoothly to ensure the safe delivery of your Instagram followers.

Why we was founded

We done a google search to find many websites that promise the exact same service we do but with one big catch, we actually deliver the followers whereas the other websites either try to scam your password or make you complete a fake survey. This is where we are different because we actually send the followers and don’t ask for your password.

We got fed up of seeing all these fakes sites and people actually falling for it so we decided to make a real one.

Frequently asked questions

In this section we will answer all the frequently asked questions we get sent day to day, please make sure you read through this section before you send us an email.

Could this get my account banned?

This service won’t get your account banned nor will it ever put your account at risk, our followers are genuine and when we deliver them we don’t break any of Instagrams terms. Your account will always remain safe while using the services at InstagramFollowers!

What is with these surveys?

These surveys are put in place to stop bots from using our website, not everyone is required to complete one as our system only flags up suspicious users. Without these surveys we wouldn’t be about to provide this free service. A survey doesn’t take long to complete and at the end of the day you are getting a service which could host hundreds of dollars for the price of nothing.

I have more questions?

Not to worry, if you have more questions you can always contact us here, we have a dedicated support member to answer all of your questions no matter what they are. We ask that you are friendly when sending us mail as we don’t have to reply. Please allow us up to 24 hours to respond to your messages.

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